Hi there.

I’m one of those types who heard from strangers for years, ” You made that? You could sell those!” After finishing up a BA degree in management in 2016, I made the decision to take a few months off from work (for the first time) to hang out with my four year old. He’s pretty great, by the way. I am constantly crafting things for my family and friends, whether they have room to put things or not! The drive to make boho home decor inspired by the fandoms I love is strong in my family (See what I did there Star Wars fans?) Anyway, that’s how SciFi Chic was born. I finally had the time to make the things I wanted to make and now I can share them with people all over.

I love all things creative and many, MANY fandoms. I also love to help other people make things they love! Check back here for blog posts on DIY’s and other things that I find generally neat.


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