DIY Crib to Dress Up Organizer

Happy Thursday!

After being in the frustrating position of owning and no longer using a crib that was manufactured prior to new governmental restrictions, I was stuck with a crib I could not GIVE away. Literally. Rather than break it down and discard it (per the governmental suggestion) I decided to make something useful. This DIY was so simple I didn’t do step by step photos, but I trust that you can figure it out! After disassembling the crib, I used 4 drywall anchors to screw a side panel into the wall. Then I used Ikea bins and hooks for organization. (Ikea hooks here)Photo Aug 10, 6 12 22 PM

Add dress up stuff and you are done, that’s it! This DIY was for my son Austin, but this would definitely work with little girl dress up clothes as well. Go crazy, paint a funky color, put a sign on the top with a fun phrase!